Press Coverage

"Liuzzi uses an iPhone app called Vampr to make cross-country and global connections. The innovation paid off: Vocalist Dries Laisnez, of Belgium, sings on the track “Close to Me,” with two additional vocalists, Luciano Thomas and an anonymous artist who goes by “No 1 Knows,” from California."
November 10, 2017
"Innovate or perish, they say. But in this environment, being innovative isn’t enough – not even close. What you really want is to be known as a disruptor. Think of brands like Uber, AirBNB and now, Vampr – they have seriously upset the status quo by taking on the accepted norm, turning it on its head, and recreating it in their own image."
October 30, 2017
"This app aims to open up avenues for aspiring artists who live in remote locations, allowing them to collaborate with other musicians"
September 27, 2017
"If a musician is looking for a co-writer, they can pick a music genre, tap the app, and it immediately brings up results. The user can sample music the songwriter has made, check out their tastes in music, make a connection, and start messaging."
September 01, 2017
"Creating connections is one of the biggest challenges in the business, especially for unsigned musicians... No matter how fragmented distribution channels are, people will always rely on collaborating with other people—from marketing, cover art, sound mixing, to production"
August 23, 2017
"Vampr is all about the simple joy of playing music with people. It’s as much a social network as it is a music app"
June 08, 2017
"Need a guitarist to help you finish off your new track? It’ll help you find someone who’s keen to jump on board... while the app can also be used for other purposes like linking up with graphic designers for an album cover"
May 26, 2017
"Vampr gives user-friendly support for all those songwriters, indie musicians, DJs, rappers, folk artists, who are struggling to connect and break into the necessary circles they need to… Yes, there are other music social networking apps but the proof is in the pudding. Well, it’s in the app"
May 03, 2017
"Key Australian tech business... [with] a strong focus on music and the music industry"
April 26, 2017
"Many popular platforms are constrained by the early 2000s model of boring design, drop-down menus and other stagnant user-interfaces... Melbourne-based startup Vampr has taken inspiration from the contemporary dating app model to develop an app that allows musicians to more easily connect with each other"
February 01, 2017
"Barry Palmer [Hunters and Collectors] guitarist, has launched a musicians' collaboration app called Vampr with Josh Simons of Melbourne rock group Buchanan, with seed funding from the seemingly unlikely source of Wang Chung bassist Nick Feldman"
December 13, 2016
"The app has already been making waves in the US, where it picked up the audience choice award at Silicon Beach Fest 2016"
October 04, 2016
"A social networking application to connect musicians for work and social purposes"
October 04, 2016
"What if connecting with musicians and music industry executives was only one swipe away? With Los Angeles based startup app Vampr, it is"
August 01, 2016
"From Craigslist flakes to finding out your new guitarist friend hates the genre of music you play, it’s about time independent artists had pocket-based access to a new world of potential musical matches"
June 09, 2016
"An iPhone app for musicians to make fast and fruitful connections with like-minded collaborators"
May 20, 2016