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World's biggest music social network set to become "a LinkedIn for creative community"

Equity crowdfunding launch to empower creatives to be early stage owners and investors

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 2019 – In just four years Vampr has become the largest music networking app on the planet, but for co-founders Josh Simons and Baz Palmer, this is only the beginning.

“From the outset our plan was to expand our music network to include all of the world’s creatives, establishing a LinkedIn for the creative community,” says Simons. “The most exciting and strategically sound way to get there is with equity crowdfunding.”

Scaling a platform with the support of the people who have a vested interest in its success is the clear way forward. Vampr is targeting hundreds of millions of creative souls positioned all over the world who are passionately and financially invested in their creative careers and businesses.

The community is engaged. The Vampr team has built a phenomenal foundation with a network of more than 450,000 users in 198 countries accounting for over 4 million connections.

The technology is solid. Early last year, Vampr was named amongst Apple’s Best Apps of The Year list, a glowing endorsement of the app’s innovative functionality and sharp design. The company has received numerous other accolades from the Lovie Awards in Europe to being crowned winners at SF Music Tech in California.

So what is equity crowdfunding? It's a popular new fundraising model giving anyone interested the opportunity to own an actual share in a company and be a part of its ongoing market value. It also gives Vampr users the opportunity to help shape the future of a platform they already love.

Before launching their crowdfunding campaign, Vampr engaged Crowdcheck to conduct an exhaustive due diligence process and audit of the company’s history, record keeping and corporate standing.

“We're proud of our transparency: a rare commodity in early-stage startups," says Palmer. "The Crowdcheck tick of approval, alongside our additional financial disclosures, provides full confidence in our management and offers a comprehensive look inside our company’s trading history and decision making.”

The backstory: Josh Simons and Baz Palmer are both accomplished musicians who were frustrated by the industry’s outdated networking model. Simons, through years of songwriting and releases, has shared stages and works with Carrie Underwood, Travis Scott and Gotye. Palmer spent a decade as a lead guitarist and songwriter for Hunters & Collectors, the 12x platinum-selling Australian rock act and Hall-of-Fame inductees.

Vampr's advisory board also boasts high-level professional credentials, including former Warner executive Nick Feldman and former President of Napster Matt Addell, who enthuses, “Vampr brings people together to inspire, create, collaborate and grow. It’s just what great creatives need in this disconnected digital world."

From musicians to filmmakers, fashion designers, actors and animators, the Vampr community is primed to explode to encompass hundreds of millions of people immersed in the creative arts. "The really exciting part," says Simons, "is the opportunity to give ownership of the network to the community that supports it."

Palmer adds, “The creative community needs facilitators, not gatekeepers. The bigger our community gets, the bigger the opportunity grows for all.”

Vampr has successfully completed two prior rounds of capital raising. Their crowdfunding campaign is live with a 10% discount for the first $250,000 of investment. Head to for more information.

Active users in 198 countries
More than 4 million connections made
10,000 daily active users
24 million+ swipes

Vampr is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices