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Vampr partnership signals a future in blockchain as the app soars past 400,000 users

●     Strategic Joint Venture with Emanate
●     Formation of a new blockchain music network
●     8 new languages
●     400,000 users in 195 countries

Music professional network Vampr has today announced a strategic joint venture with Australian blockchain music platform Emanate, to help their users monetize projects with ease.

Emanate is a blockchain and cryptocurrency solution delivering musicians trustworthy collaborations and real time royalty payments when their music is used or played.

Emanate CEO, Sean Gardner says, “The Emanate partnership with Vampr is a significant signal of our shared intention to revolutionize the way musicians collaborate and earn from their creativity. It’s a great example of Australian innovation in music tech.”

The move carries significant weight given Vampr’s explosive growth; the startup recently hit 400,000 users and launched in 8 new languages. To date, active users in 195 countries have made over 3 million connections – a mark of the global music community the app has built.

The figures are an exclamation point on a wave of sustained success. Late last year, Vampr was named amongst Apple’s Best Apps of 2017, a glowing endorsement of the app’s innovative functionality and sharp design.

"The support for Vampr from our industry colleagues has been incredibly encouraging," says founder Josh Simons. 

"But what's been most gratifying is this sprawling creative universe we’ve watched spring up between hundreds of thousands of users, making new music and forging new projects that might otherwise never have happened. We can’t wait to see them begin to monetize these collaborations with Emanate.”

Background on Vampr

Pitched as Tinder for musicians, Vampr brings together the music industry’s global talent, from guitarists to sound engineers to booking agents and label representatives. Vampr was built for all parties inthe musicecosystem, wherever they are: the app is now available in nine languages, including Chinese (simplified), Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Vampr was co-created by Josh Simons and Barry Palmer, both accomplished musicians frustrated by the industry’s outdated networking model. 

Simons, through years of songwriting and releases, has shared billings with the likes of Carrie Underwood, Beach House, Ariel Pink and Gotye. Palmer spent a decade as a lead guitarist and songwriter for Hunters & Collectors, the 12x platinum-selling Australian rock act.

The app’s advisory board also boasts impressive credentials, including former Sony executive Nick Feldman and former President of Napster Matt Adell, who is now CDO of Native Instruments. Vampr has successfully completed two phases of capital raising, with a third currently underway.

Since launching, effortless swipes on Vampr have led to bands being formed, gigs being played, and, in several instances, songs being aired on commercial radio. Many of these collaborations have been documented on

Background on Emanate

Emanate is set to bring audio to the EOS.IO blockchain. The Emanate Audio Exchange Protocol is gaining interest from the blockchain community, as they move towards a crowdsale funding launch this month.

Savvy technology enthusiasts around the world can see the effect that decentralised networks will have on various industries. Emanate technology is designed to support this movement within the music world.

Musicians on the platform will be able to protect their work using Emanate ‘Smart-collaborations’. These blockchain-based smart-contracts are designed specifically for musicians and will radically shorten the time it traditionally takes to get paid when music is used or played.

New Blockchain integration
Active users in 195 countries
More than 3 million connections made
10,000 daily active users
19 million+ swipes
Vampr is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices
The Emanate project can be followed at